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Platphom is a budgeting and expense management solution for businesses. We combine the smartest budget wallets and corporate debit cards to give businesses real-time expense reconciliation and visibility

The perfect expense tool for your business


Set your financial goals. Properly allocate cash across teams using Smart Budgets.

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Spend across budgets. Set limits to ensure everyone stays on budget.

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Track as you spend, automate expense reports and get real-time visibility on transactions.

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What you get with Platphom

Platphom offers your business the best financial tools to enable a smarter and transparent work environment.


Smart Budgets

With Platphom smart budgets, you can create and set budget goals. Fund the budget with actual cash and track spendings across various cost centers and teams.
Platphom smart budgets give you real-time information to help you better adjust your budgets to fit your business needs.

Budget Goals

Allocate Funds

Track Spend

Budgets-to-budget Transfer

real-time visiblity and expense

Realt-time Visibility & Expense

With every transaction made from a budget, spenders and budget owners get notified immediately.
You never have to spend hours on manual expense reports. Expenses are categorized and reconciled as you spend.

Real-time Visibility

Spend Alert

Automated Expense Report


Report & Insight

Your Platphom dashboard gives an overview of all spending activities within your business. Easily track how much has been spent overall in comparison to your overall budget goal

Reports are also tailored to individual budgets so you can make timely decisions.

Budget Report

Spend Report

Spend smarter with Platphom Cards

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Smart Virtual Card

Create virtual cards in seconds for all online purchases and subscriptions. With the card tied to a budget, transactions are automatically made visible to everyone assigned to the budget.

Platphom lets you enforce spend limits on the cards, set expiry date, freeze or delete the card and remove funds anytime.


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Tap Hover to view Platphom Corporate Card

Smart Corporate Card

Request a card for everyone who spends in your company. It helps you save redundant time spent on manual fund request process.
Platphom smart card is more than just a card, its a tool that breaches the gap between your finance team and your employees.

Platphom lets you enforce spend limits on the cards, set expiry date, freeze or delete the card and remove funds anytime.

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